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    Belly to Bosom: We think YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. We think YOU'VE GOT THIS.

    Belly to Bosom is all about inspiring expectant and nursing mothers to dress their shape with confidence. 

    It all began in the heart of Chelsea Archie. The joy of discovering her first pregnancy was quickly met with frustration as she tried to find fashionable-quality clothes to fit her changing body. After Naomi was born finding work-appropriate tops that made nursing more efficient and empowering, seemed a losing battle. Chelsea imagined a store where mothers like her would never experience that again.    

    Belly to Bosom is the place where expectant and nursing mothers will find fashionable clothes and accessories to fit their changing bodies. It is also a place where you'll find blogs, posts, and articles celebrating motherhood.  

    Chelsea and her team contract with clothing designers and companies from around the world to find mothers the very best quality nursing and maternity apparel. Our promise is that you'll receive quality products, shipped fasted, with superior customer service.  

    In addition to leading Belly to Bosom, Chelsea is a wife and mother; a graduate of Northeastern State University and teaches 6th grade. Chelsea, Anthony and Naomi live in Tulsa, OK.